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Google News should block some Android smartphones from April

Google News should block some Android smartphones from April

The update of Google News is expected to block Android devices without certification soon.

Google News In a few years Android has become the central app of smartphones. She is the one who allows me to say thank you R.C.S. To play rivals of Apple’s iMessage and to send messages from internet connection with more practical functions in addition to simple SMS.

The company has worked hard to improve its usability The arrival of emoji reactions Or some Bubble announcements on Android 11, To the extent of becoming the most popular app in the Play Store 1 billion downloads by May 2020.

The next innovation of the app, however, should not make everyone happy. This app is expected to be compatible with Android smartphones soon.

Certification issue

The XDA-Developers site made this discovery by analyzing the APK of Google News 7.2.203. You can read the following message, which is not yet in common use.

Until March 31st, News will stop working on devices without certificates, like this.

We understand that this message will soon appear on devices that are not certified to use Google News. The company has not yet explained this change in policy, which prompted it to exclude some Android devices. It seems that it may be A link to the encryption of RCS messages Currently being tested with Google News.

Over the years, Google has published List of certified devices Company to acquire Google Play Store. If the device does not appear in the list, it will not manage the Google Play Store and some Google applications. This is especially the case with smartphones sold by Hawaii. This certification test verifies that the device is not compromised. Currently, you can manually install the Google News app from its APK without any problems on these devices.

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