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WhatsApp with Tough Notice: If you do not accept the new Terms of Use, you will fly

WhatsApp with Tough Notice: If you do not accept the new Terms of Use, you will fly

  • FromThomas Schmidt


WhatsApp is in big trouble due to changes in data protection rules. But Californians are sticking to their plans – not afraid to take drastic action.

Menlo Park / Munich – With the planned change in the Terms of Use, the popular messenger service WhatsApp is no longer ashamed of its extreme activities. This was announced by the prestigious American web portal TechCrunch, citing confidential email. According to a letter to corporate customers, WhatsApp users will be asked to accept the new Terms of Use from May 15 “in order to get the full functionality of WhatsApp”.

If users have not yet agreed to the Terms of Use, there will be operational restrictions. For example, stubborn users can still receive calls and messages for a few more weeks, but “no longer read or send messages from the app”. This will turn off the main function of the messenger.

WhatsApp: If you do not play together, you fly

Additionally, users will be set to idle. A look at WhatsApp’s Question and Answer Collection (FAQs) reveals its meaning. “In order to maintain security, control data retention, and ensure users’ data security, WhatsApp accounts are generally deleted after 120 days of inactivity,” it said in a statement. In other words: if you don’t play, you fly.

WhatsApp: Global anti-storm

WhatsApp has been under criticism for months due to a planned forced update. In addition, hosts of angry users have recently switched to the popular WhatsApp rival Signal or Trima.

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In view of the unexpectedly violent reactions, the Facebook subsidiary surprisingly extended the deadline for adopting data protection rules in mid-January. Instead of the February 8 deadline originally set, the new data protection rules should now come into effect on May 15. They wanted to use the time to resolve misunderstandings regarding the update, it said in a blog post in January.

According to WhatsApp, the planned changes are primarily aimed at creating better opportunities to interact with companies, for example orders directly from the messenger. There are no plans to send the data extension to Facebook, the company promised. End-to-end encryption is also left untouched.

WhatsApp: The new banner should educate users

To soften things up, the company announced a few days ago that it will use the banner to notify users of planned changes in the coming weeks. The information should be found in the “Chat” tab.

Whether this action will appeal to users is currently open. One thing is clear though: if WhatsApp really wants to forcibly expel unruly users in the future, the declining storm of resistance will turn into a real storm.