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WhatsApp will choose who sees the timing of your last connection

WhatsApp will choose who sees the timing of your last connection

WhatsApp is currently testing the new privacy system to know exactly who can see the timing of your last connection.

Self-destructive message on WhatsApp chat

A WhatsApp Conversation // Source: WhatsApp

Share Wants to give users a little more control. Who doesn’t open a conversation about celebrity Message application To check someone’s last login time? In the future, we can come up with a little more nuance to avoid having this data Follower By some persons.

Apart from my contacts …

In privacy settings, WhatsApp offers 4 options to partially adjust the amount of privacy shared by the app: “Found in“Indicates the time of the last connection above each conversation,”Profile image»,News“And”Condition“The first three parameters allow this information to be accessed by 3 groups:”Everyone»,My contacts“Where”Someone“The latter is thinner because it offers three other possibilities:”My contacts»,Apart from my contacts …“And”Only share with …“As you can see, you can accurately select people you like or do not want to share your status with.

This slightly smoother adjustment will partially affect the partitioning time of the last connection. Discovered a new setup option in the WhatsApp code in the WABetaInfo menu “Found in»:Apart from my contacts ….


WhatsApp // Source at menu “Except my contacts …” WABetaInfo

Keep in mind that those who decide to hide the last connection time from some of their contacts can no longer see their response. Give and take.

Will a feature come soon?

For now, this processor is enabled by WABetaInfo, modifying the application code so that it is not even available to users of the beta version. We’ll have to wait a while to choose who can see the timing of our last connection on WhatsApp, but we imagine it will be nearing its end if this function appears here.