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Customer warning message

Customer warning message

Hacker attack on Tim’s online services. The company warns its customers to change the password for related services.

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These days, no one is really safe. Infection-induced automation in particular has created the need to adapt many of our habits to the online world. Acceleration of the web application Even in the most ordinary situations it is urgent to have at least a more in-depth knowledge of the potential risks and potential countermeasures. However, sometimes this is not enough to protect us from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Like someone who has been the victim of Tim for the past few hours.

The company reported the cyber attack to its customers, noting that there were no serious risks at the moment. Why, for now, it is not yet clear How many users were actually involved. News reports of irregular access to Tim’s servers, once it was detected, led the manager to block users, inviting customers to change the password for online services. To Tims and everyone else who used a similar key.

Hacker attack on Tim: The company explains how to get around

In this case, the danger is that the passwords were taken, but they should not be clear. Irregularities found to be “affecting the confidentiality of access credentials for MyTIM”, according to contacts by the same company. For this it was requested to changeAs a precaution, testimonials for other related services for MyTIM. The message says that it is better not to reuse the old password or to create a similar password. There is a risk of losing personal data infringed by a third party for criminal purposes.

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This is not the first time that Tim and other companies that use online services have informed their users of the need to adapt their operations on the Internet to greater risk awareness. The problem is not only the breach of any online accounts but also identity theft, Implemented with real fraudulent tactics. As for the hacker attack, Tim reveals that he sees himself as the party that hurt his clients. There is currently no news other than what management has already informed competent authorities. So there is no immediate danger, but awareness is necessary. Especially for the future.