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The rating on Steam is "mostly positive" after five years -

The rating on Steam is “mostly positive” after five years –

Five years later, the assessment There is no human sky On steam it became “mostly positive”. Sean Murray, Chairman of Hello Games, Developer, shared this information. “Mostly positive“equals a 70% positive reviews.

More precisely, know what we are talking about Total votes. Steam divides the rating between “latest” and “all ratings”. Recent (last 30 days) are “very positive”, i.e. 92% positive. Overall, on the other hand, it was always between negative and average. The motivation, of course, was the high number of negative reviews published by Steam users during the first period of the game, which greatly disappointed expectations.

No Man’s Sky is evolving every year, with Hello Games always adjusting functionality and expanding the game with free extensions, including the latest borders and 3.62 updates.

This change demonstrates how a development team can be forgiven for their hard work. Apparently, it does not negate the fact that this game is not exactly enough compared to what was discovered in the final adventure. Tell us, Man you do not like the sky, Or does it still not convince you years later?

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