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WhatsApp, Voice Messages Will Be Permanent: Exciting News!

WhatsApp, Voice Messages Will Be Permanent: Exciting News!

WhatsApp, Voice Messages Will Be Permanent: Exciting News! Users of the messaging site are amazed

WhatsApp (Photo: Pixabay)

As always Share Has stored some interesting news for its users. The world’s most popular news site tries to prevent attacks from rivals. Telegraph e WeChat, Strives to ensure an increasingly complete service to its users. In recent days, the US team has led Facebook, Announced the arrival of two new options affecting conversations.

Both can then be emptied 24 ore Even after that 90 days. One option you can choose from in our conversation is different from what has happened so far. Temporary news at this time, in fact, Seven days later they were canceled, Without the possibility of replacement. However, with the new update, open the WhatsApp settings and then go Click on Account> Privacy and Timer Default messages. After that, set the maximum duration at which chats can be placed.

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WhatsApp, Voice Messages Will Change Forever: New Deadline for Cancellation

WhatsApp (Photo: Pixabay)

Clear function This can also be implemented naturally in new conversations. There is a technical support team to better describe the new feature through the pages.

“If you decide to enable epimal messages by default, we will show a warning within the new chats to let your speakers know your preference. If you change your mind, disabling the system is as easy as running it“.

Although it has already been launched as a function, it may take a few days for the novelty to become available to all users on all devices. All that remains is to use the app update Wait until the new system is released.

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