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Illustration de la chute d'une météorite. © Tryfonov, Adobe Stock

Precious meteorite found by the roadside in the UK

“The dream is real.” Researchers are commenting today on their discovery in rural England. Remains of a rare meteorite containing important information about the formation of our solar system.

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They are extinct dinosaurs and their grooves adorn the surface of the earth. Every day, the planet is bombed by hundreds of meteors.

On February 28, at 10:55 pm Paris time, a Fireball soared across the sky From England – and from northern France. It was especially filmed by cameras UK Meteorological Surveillance Network. The researchers withdrew their tracks before appealing to residents of the North Cheltenham area to find its remains.

They were originally located – in the form of dust and pebbles – on the side of a path in the village of Winscombe. The researchers then searched the surrounding countryside to pick up several small pieces.

If scientists are very interested in these remains, it is because Meteor The one who left them calls them who they are Ancient meteorites. A chondrite Carbonaceous. A rare meteorite. Of the 65,000 discovered so far on Earth, only 51 remain. They are the oldest of all, bearing the traces of our creation The Solar System.

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Precious elements

Some of its pieces appear completely black and without streaks. Others are dark gray with irregular, pale spots. In short, the original meteorite seems complicated. From a Asteroid And several meteorites also collided. Sometimes there is no need to tickle the asteroids – as the Hayabusa 2 missions did recently Osiris-Rex – Collect some samples. Nature brings them to us almost on a plate.

Researchers will now examine these remains in detail and quickly. It is true that they picked them up quickly Meteor fall We really need to help them get valuable information carried by unstable components. Are protected as much as possible by its organic compounds Pollution By the earth.

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