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WhatsApp reveals where our friends go on vacation: Here’s how

WhatsApp reveals where our friends go on vacation: Here’s how

Truly Cassandra Activity: Through the IP address of our friends you can find out where they are on vacation: here’s how.

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What to do if WhatsApp suddenly turns into a stepping stone? After all, some technological tools really only have one application to predict the future, after which the service will be complete. One of the hidden tricks to hide the well known Facebook appWhile it may seem unbelievable, it does seem to have the potential to turn its user into a new lock. Viewing various Instagram profiles is a great way to see what our friends are doing over the holidays. But it is not certain that they are too luxurious with information to write about where they are.

Providing WhatsApp is a really crazy feature for those who are interested. In fact, it was actually used for the opposite function, which should monitor any annoying numbers, find their location and confirm it It was far from us. During the holidays, however, we need to understand that our friends are relaxing and not disturbing their relaxation. Definitely a good option, not something for travelers.

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WhatsApp, Holiday Trick: Here’s how it works

Our friends who are already on vacation do not need to write the location of their vacation in their Instagram stories. In fact, using WhatsApp, you can find out by using some simple steps. WhatsApp is easy to use in its version, In which you need to bring the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard). When done, click Win + R and type the letters “cmd”. Finally, enter the word “netstat-an”.

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At this point the game is almost over: in fact, you will get the IP address of the person you want to see. The last step is decisive: go to and enter the IP address. In this way The location of the person will be displayed. Link the two together to find out where our friend is on vacation at the indicated location. Of course, a phone call will suffice …