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WhatsApp, no one can spy on your chats anymore with this simple trick

How To Avoid Spying On WhatsApp? A simple trick in the instant messaging app that prevents interested people from viewing chat content

How to protect WhatsApp chats from the most interested (AdobeStock)

Most applications have useful features designed to enhance user privacy Mobile devices And the presence of personalized content such as multimedia content and instant conversations. If only we had explained to you in the last few hours How To Protect Photos And Videos On Your Smartphone, Using the useful “locked folder” function in Google Photos for Android in this regard, we would like to focus today A WhatsApp option This will make your chats more secure, especially for those who are interested.

Since this process is accessible to all and does not require the installation of third-party plug-ins on your device, one or two taps on the screen will be required; Also, it is designed to work on all smartphones regardless of brand or operating system type.

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How to enable “Fingerprint Lock” on WhatsApp to protect chats

How To Avoid Spying On WhatsApp
“Fingerprint lock” enhances security of WhatsApp chats (AdobeStock)

Redirect desired users Spy on WhatsApp chatsTo open the instant messaging app on your smartphone, click on the three dots in the upper right and select the item “Settings”: a screen will open, allowing you to set the best. Share On the mobile device in use, the username, backups and various security options can be changed; We are interested in the “Accounts” section, after all, the next “Privacy” item.

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Once you’ve entered the special category, scroll down and enable the “” option.Fingerprint lock“, Confirm your identity and set some parameters for its proper functioning, i.e. immediately after blocking or after a specified time interval (one minute or thirty minutes).

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The “fingerprint lock” function allows you to add a second Layer At security Conversations on WhatsApp: To read its content, it is necessary to check it by fingerprint so that those who are interested will leave the game.