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WhatsApp problema utenti

WhatsApp, new issue for users: what’s going on

A new problem arises for WhatsApp users. In fact, a new bug is causing problems for both iOS and Android: let’s see what happens.

New messaging application issue arises (via screenshot)

Instant news site, Share, Presents a new issue for all users. Really application 2 billion downloads A new bug annoys the entire user and affects both devices iOS Than Android. The new issue especially affects the beta version of the app for everyone Android operating systems.

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Worry about the error Visualization Notice of I related Voice messages. In fact, instead of showing ‘Voice message‘, We will see indescribable serial numbers in the announcement. However, we note that this error only applies to the display and that there is no problem with it The background of the audio message Questioned. A bug highlighted by the new Android update, but it’s not sure if this will happen even on iOS.

WhatsApp solved the backup issue for users: new functionality is coming

WhatsApp Hack Account
The news app is ready to revolutionize itself (via screenshot)

But users aside Share Face one error after another, application on the other hand Menlo Park Ready to launch many new features. In fact, we see in these that a new functionality is ready to allow backups of their chats Share, Even if you switch from an Android device to an Apple one, and vice versa. Revolutionary Key is expected to be released soon and is ready to delight users.

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The arrival of brand new functionality should, in fact, allow third-party applications to stop WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp And all the apps that promise to transfer chats from one operating system to another. Also, these apps often guide WhatsApp Suspend the account of multiple users. So soon all users can Replace your smartphone without problems Lose their chats within the app, thus switching from iOS to Android, on the contrary, without any problems.