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Vodafone removes TV channels from its cable offer

Vodafone removes TV channels from its cable offer

Those who use Vodafone’s cable offer will have fewer TV channels to choose from in the future. This is because in some federal states the provider reduces the offer.

Customers of Vodafone’s BTV packages will soon be able to access some TV transmitter No more access – at least if you live in Baden-W்டrttemberg, Hessey or North Rhine-Westphalia. Because in these federal states it is repealed Vodafone His offer together.

Affected customers informed Vodafone six weeks before the strike, the company writes on its website. On April 14, Vodafone will shut down stations in Baden-Wர்டrttemberg. Hess on April 28 and North Rhine-Westphalia on April 30. Affected customers have the exclusive right to lay off.

These broadcasters are affected

A total of 28 TV stations have been affected by these activities. With eight stations, Vodafone writes that the SD or HD version of the station will be removed from the Vodafone cable network. These are the following channels.

  • Discovery Channel
  • eSports1
  • LUR PUR (SD version only available here)
  • Show Natzio
  • ProSieben FUN
  • Sony Channel
  • Legend Universal TV

Along with the other 20 stations, SD and The HD resolution Completion:

  • Animal planet
  • Motor sports car
  • BabyTV
  • BBC Entertainment
  • Poncosto
  • Traditional
  • Docs
  • e! Entertainment
  • Extreme sports channel
  • Good mood TV
  • Jukebox
  • Motorvision.TV
  • MTV 80s
  • MTV Hits
  • MTV Live
  • Niktoons
  • OCKO
  • Penthouse TV
  • RDL passion
  • German weather television

The mentioned TV channels are part of the offer that UnityMedia customers can still subscribe to. Vodafone acquired Unitimedia in August 2019 and dropped the name in 2020.

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If you want to see more stations, you can withdraw various streaming offers. For example, some channels can be found on Jato’s tariff offer or on, which is subject to tariff.