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Sunset overdrive 2 on PS5 and PS4?  "Nothing prevents it," says Insomnia -

Sunset overdrive 2 on PS5 and PS4? “Nothing prevents it,” says Insomnia –

Marcus Smith, creative director of Insomnia, said “nothing prevented” the studio from producing Sunset Overdrive2 – or a hypothetical sequel to the Xbox exclusive – to PS4E PS5. In fact, Smith just said he would like to go to work in the sport.

The information was shared by a report submitted to GQ. Smith said: “Never say that my attitude is not, frankly, we’re part of Sony now, but we own the IP, there’s nothing to stop us from doing that, besides, we have a lot of wonderful things on the horizon.” . So, Sunset Overdrive is 2 Possibility, But not quite possible for now: The team is set to bring Ratchet & Clang Rift apart from the PS5, mostly working on the next Marvel Spider-Man, so it is currently busy.

Sunset over drive

Nevertheless, Smith, who was the director of Sunset Overdrive – now a director other than Ratchet & Klang Rift – says, “There are so many stories to be told in that universe, I want to go back, this game.” The first episode is considered one more point by the studio, which was also affected by the game in the Marvel Spider-Man production.

Mike Daley explained that it really grows Sunset over drive The team realized that giving the player more movement and fighting skills than is strictly necessary allows the experience to be more personal and customizable, which makes the game even more satisfying.

We also recently discovered that the PlayStation Xbox has registered an exclusive trademark – the first sunset overdrive coming to the PS4 and PS5?

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