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Whatsapp is the trick to automatically respond to New Year greetings

Whatsapp is the trick to automatically respond to New Year greetings

Every year is always the same story: Dozens and dozens of messages from friends, relatives and co-workers and we like to take our smartphone and fly out the window.

For example, do not mention phrases like “I wrote to you, but you did not answer me“The”Did you spend so much to return the greetings? “.

WhatsApp does not have many features in the operating system, here, one has thought to design a special application that will protect us from bad statistics and random slanders, to avoid embarrassing situations.

Utility to respond to New Year greetings

The legal application establishes an “answer machine” that automatically responds to all incoming messages. Let’s talk about Automatic responder For WhatsApp It allows you to set up automatic response to WhatsApp messages, choose which contacts to do it with and when to activate them.

How does it work?

Send automatic replies to received messages. It is based on the bot that works for us automatically. To enable features in the application, you need to check the Enable bot option. The bot allows you to set intelligent but always automatic responses.

This app is perfect for New Year greetings, holidays, vacations or even when you do not want to answer the phone.

You can find it in the Play Store.