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Here are the new functionalities and compatible Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi’s Chinese conference is an opportunity to present MIUI 13 in more detail, and future features await us. The manufacturer’s site also lists the first smartphones and tablets to receive the rights to this software update.

Presentation of MIUI 13 on December 28 in China

Presentation of MIUI 13 in China on December 28 // Source: Frandroid Screenshot

The MIUI 13 was presented by Xiaomi at the China Year Final Conference. The next software version from the manufacturer has acquired the rights to the small facelift that we bring to you with some new features.

First, add pride to the MIUI 13 widgets, which select the most rounded lines. Overall, the images shown, like to use them. Xiaomi follows the same philosophy as Android 12.

This rounded feature also enhances the new control center provided by the brand’s teams. Here, the team is determined to stand out from the crowd with large circular buttons that allow you to manage your connected environment.

New widgets for MIUI 13

New Widgets for MIUI 13 // Source: Xiaomi

We will test these new features soon.

New wallpapers and increased protection

Xiaomi also talks about new wallpapers, for example, the new computer font that allows for more numbers. The company has focused on security by providing a tool capable of detecting and warning electronic fraud. The system can prevent the installation of a fraudulent application, pushing its system further to verify the installed applications.

In an environment where data security is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, Xiaomi wants to assure you of providing better control over your privacy. MIUI 13, for example, checks which applications collect and use such or such personal information.

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Xiaomi also claims to have improved its software interface for better fluidity of system applications.

MIUI 13's New Entertainment Center

MIUI 13’s New Entertainment Center // Source: Xiaomi

In addition, one of the major innovations of MIUI 13 is the number of compatible devices. We’re not just talking about smartphones here, but also tablets, connected watches and TVs that will be updated or upgraded to MIUI 13. One feature allows you to long press video from your smartphone and play it on a TV or Xiaomi tablet.

Which phones are compatible with MIUI 13?

Xiaomi has released the first batch of phones that are compatible with the standard version of the MIUI 13. Note the presence of the particular Xiaomi 12X, the most popular small model we have heard of. Deployment is scheduled for the end of January 2022.

On the tablet page, the standard version of MIUI 13 is expected by the end of next January. Two pills can benefit from it:

In addition, Xiaomi announced that two watches for MIUI 13 will be launched or updated this Tuesday:

  • Xiaomi Watch S1
  • Xiaomi Watch Color 2

This also applies to many TVs. Deployment will take place on several waves in China:

  • Redmi Max 86 (End of January 2022)
  • Redmi Max 98 ″ (end of March 2022)
  • Mi TV ES55, ES65 and ES75 (end of April 2022)
  • Redmi Smart TV X55, X65 and X75 (end of April 2022)

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