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Nintendo is demanding $ 15 million from a former illegal site to steal games

Nintendo is demanding $ 15 million from a former illegal site to steal games

Nintendo believes the site’s creator tried to destroy the evidence. (Drawing) – Pixie / Miscellaneous-photo

Nintendo is demanding $ 15 million in damages from the Rome Universe, a former piracy site that allowed Internet users to illegally download copies of video games. As announced Phonandroid, Including information from Torrent Freak, The Japanese company filed a complaint in September 2019.

Fee subscription

“This is a very clear case for video game theft, and the material facts are undeniable,” the company says. For over 10 years, Matthew Storman [le créateur du site] Nintendo has released thousands of copies of the game on its platform. ” While most games are available for free, the Rome Universe also offers a paid subscription to download at will.

Video game publisher Matthew Storman asked him to download tax notices and data, which he was initially reluctant to do. He finally agreed to send his tax notices, but promised not to respond to the second request.

Destruction of resources

Similarly, the creator of the site claims that members can no longer access the Discord Mail server where they shared information. According to Nintendo, he would have simply destroyed the evidence that could have been compromised.

In addition to the damage, the Japanese company is demanding that all copies of crack games be destroyed and that the site’s domain name be removed. Matthew Storman has not yet responded to those requests, but has said he will defend himself without a lawyer.

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