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WhatsApp introduces new "Communities" feature

WhatsApp introduces new “Communities” feature

Share Released new features, Starting Thursday, April 14th, with the upcoming launch of “Communities” allowing their executives to bring together multiple discussion groups in one place and interact with large numbers of people. Messaging owned by American meta (Facebook, Instagram) wants to meet needs “Some structures such as schools, local associations or non-profit organizations”WHO “Trust WhatsApp Now to Communicate Safely and Organize Yourself”. The new feature must be tested for two months before being released internationally.

Today, there are only 256 people in WhatsApp chat groups. But, no longer, communities make it possible to unite multiple groups in the same place, for example parents of students from different classes of the same school. Only admins can send encrypted messages from end to end, just like regular messages, like a virtual bulletin board.

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Appraiser Administrators

Communities can also be used for businesses. “If a restaurant wants to create a group to share its menus or send ads, it can do so”Jyoti Suite mentioned before making it clear that the meta was not planned “Make Money” Communities.

In addition, WhatsApp will create discussion groups that are the backbone of its operation:

  • Like the Facebook reaction tray, users can now respond to messages with emoji buttons;
  • The size of the shared files will be expanded to 2 GB and the maximum number of participants in the voice call will be increased to 32;
  • Administrators “Groups can delete inappropriate or problematic messages for all members of the discussion”Thus strengthening their moderate role.
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These new possibilities, will be used “In the coming weeks”According to the press release, Telegram Channels is reminiscent of the Russian news organization, which allows broadcasters to broadcast the news, usually on open channels or in private discussions that require a call.

However, on WhatsApp, you can only transfer content to one group at a time to avoid spam events. Users cannot search the communities they want to join in the newsletter: they must be part of a group and therefore be added by an administrator. “Telegraph allows conversation with hundreds of thousands of people; WhatsApp communities will be a unique messaging serviceChristina Lonigro, a spokeswoman for WhatsApp, explained that the agency quoted France-Press.

Meta is widely criticized for its moderation and transparency issues on its social networks, but even with its messaging systems like WhatsApp, all of these are very opaque because the transactions are private and encrypted. With more than two billion users worldwide in February 2020, messaging is often criticized as a place to spread “fake news”.

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