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WhatsApp, Do you want to add someone but you do not have their number?  There is a trick!

WhatsApp, Do you want to add someone but you do not have their number? There is a trick!

WhatsApp has a trick to add a contact that we do not yet have: let’s find out how it is possible.

New trick in the instant messaging app (via screenshot)

Although it is not a social network, Share Has such social-like features Instagram or Facebook. However, what we can not do in the meta application is to add a person by searching for his name. In fact, you can only do a potential search in your own address book. The only way to add someone is to have the mobile number of the desired contacts.

But geeks have found a way to add someone who does not have a mobile number. All we need is our camera Skills And a QR code dedicated to the application. Virtually every profile Share associated with a QR code, Which can be easily found by going to the options. If you click on the three dots in the upper right and click on the QR code logo, your code will appear here. By generating code with your camera, you can add contact without number.

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WhatsApp, System Version Updated: What Changes

New Most Important Message For All Users (via Screenshot)

There are always many updates in it Share. This time, however, the latest update is not about the mobile version, but something about it PC. In fact novelty comes to both Windows For that macOS. The beta can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. More new Universal Windows App (UWP) Whatsapp is completely new. In its version Windows 11 It also integrates updates Acrylic graphic effects. With the new operating system, the speed of the application that opens in less than a second also increases.

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The Drawing function, This allows you to draw on a special panel and send the result as a picture. Notices will be sent even if the application is closed. According to the portal Lumia updates Not only are the stickers missing, it will often be included in subsequent editions. For iOS, the updated app should work as well IPod. At present, however, there is no information on an upcoming date Mac Not even on the iPad.