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WhatsApp desktop receives call and video functions

WhatsApp desktop receives call and video functions

The popular WhatsApp Messenger has also been available as an app for laptops and PCs for many years. Now WhatsApp desktop gets an important update that finally activates voice and video phone.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger services in the world. WhatsApp has many users, especially on smartphones, but there are WhatsApp versions for the browser and application versions for laptops, WhatsApp desktop. The latter now has an important update: in the future, voice and video calls should be possible in desktop applications as well. This means that the popular functionality of the smartphone version is also available for the computer.

So in the future you can make calls on WhatsApp desktop

For those who have Update You need the WhatsApp desktop application to use the upcoming voice and video phone functionality on the computer.

  • If you do not already have one, download and install WhatsApp desktop for Windows or MacOS.
  • Open the app and you should now see a QR code.
  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to the menu (three points) in the upper right corner of the chat overview.
  • Select the “WhatsApp Web” sub-item and scan the QR code on your desktop with your mobile phone.

You can sync with your smartphone instead of scanning with Biometric authentication To do. The only requirement for this is that your mobile phone has a suitable fingerprint sensor or Face ID camera.

If you have the current version of WhatsApp desktop, you can see the call and camera icon in the top right corner of the target chat history, just like the smartphone app. You can start a call with or without video with a single click. As with the mobile phone version, communication is secure as it is encrypted from the end of operation.

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New function now for single chats only

The new call function will initially only be available in two-way chat. However, this feature is not yet planned for future group chats, but it is not excluded for the future. WhatsApp says: “We are launching private calls on the WhatsApp desktop app, ensuring that we can provide you with a reliable, high-quality experience. We will continue to expand this functionality and integrate voice and video calling for groups in the future. “Even smartphone users can only make 1: 1 calls via WhatsApp. Coordination in group chats took place last year. Up to eight users can now call each other there.

The update with the new functionality is currently being released worldwide for Windows and MacOS.