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Troy Levitt, leading designer on the Hogwarts legacy, leaves the project - News

Troy Levitt, leading designer on the Hogwarts legacy, leaves the project – News

This is by Liam Robertson, Channel contributor Do you know gaming?In mid-February, Levitt’s responsibilities reappeared. Although her last video is before March 2018, her channel has amassed nearly 2 million views (for a total of 26,000 subscribers) on anti-feminist, progressive anti-products and the Gamer Gate and the remote global movement in the US. -Okay.

Whoever calls the #MeToo movement “Moral panic“This channel, like its comments, has never been a secret, Warner Bros. explained.”Never seemed to have any problems with them“.”Of course not that they do not support what I have said, but they are more interested in making good games than some kind of social justice agenda; So there is hope“, Levitt later explained in a video.

The rest Leading designer Avalanche has therefore announced its resignation. According to him, YouTube has nothing to do with his personal views and their expression, but it is justified. “Reasons“He will show up in a future video. Lewitt has a great relationship with Warner Bros. As well as with Avalanche Despite his departure.

A few days ago, Bloomberg released information “To escape“From the studio, the developers accordinglyHogwarts Legacy They tried everything they could to incorporate the ability to create a transgender hero into their character editor.

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