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WhatsApp, Change Everything: Now you will need the password

Check out WhatsApp chats: if this innovation changes everything, users can do it without much hassle

WhatsApp, no one can see your chats anymore

When we talk about WhatsApp, we definitely don’t have to explain what we’re talking about. In short, it is the most widely used messaging application in the world, although it has recently seen millions of users migrate to other services due to a privacy ‘accident’. Here, and now, Zuckerberg’s giant engineered by powerful engineers is trying to find a solution with some of the most important messages ever concerned on a single topic: user privacy. In fact, messages related to the introduction of passwords guarantee users the greater confidentiality of their chats, including those of the past and include multimedia content such as photos and videos in the last hour. Now we will try to explain everything to you in detail, keep reading …

WhatsApp introduces ‘password’ to protect privacy

If by now it had ‘imagined’ the intrusion of one of their private chats it would no longer be there. According to the site WaBetaInfo, The message application wants to introduce a password to access chats via backup. So, we’re talking about ‘past’ chats, which can sometimes contain important information, but also multimedia content. Here, from the next days, Share Wants to restrict access to chats ‘directly’ only by introducing a password. So, you can no longer view our conversations. It is an important step in protecting user privacy.

A ‘digital padlock’ is now used for all content that was previously downloaded via backup, which the password can be easily set by the user, thus not allowing anyone access. With this move, WhatsApp is trying to regain the trust of millions of users who have recently left the green app and switched to other apps to exchange messages with friends and relatives. In short, there has to be a way to ‘please’ everyone again as before. Here, it can be said that there is a commitment on the part of computer scientists through this ‘innovation’ and it can be clearly seen.

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