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Is there much difference between CPUs?  Milestone's comment

Is there much difference between CPUs? Milestone’s comment

A few months after the release of the two consoles, they continue to discuss Hardware differences between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.. And Alex Jooka Milestone In a recent interview with Gamingbold, he wanted to make a personal comment on CPUs loaded with Sony and Microsoft operating systems.

In both architecture and computer power The processors of the two next gen consoles seem to be very close: We’re talking about the custom AMD Gen 2 with eight cores at 3.5GHz and a custom AMD Gen 2 for PS5 with eight cores at 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz multitreading) for the Xbox Series X. Led to the advent of the last generation and indeed mid-gen consoles CPUs equipped with PS5 and Series X now allow you to achieve the desired 60 fps More often than in the past. But still How much difference there is between the components of the two sites? Alex Jooka’s answer is here:

The difference is so subtle, I wouldn’t even call it honest. As usual, it’s not just about the pure power to always use Exploit it wisely and optimally. In terms of development, only time will allow us to understand what benefits can come from both CPUs: we can’t really wait to see what our bright future holds. “.

Although the CPUs did not differ greatly from each other, Sony and Microsoft took two distinct approaches at the design stage: the first focused strongly on certain components, i.e.Uniqueness of Ultra-Fast SSD and DualSense Controller, Second born The most powerful console in the world from a mathematical point of view. As Juka suggests, developers will, as always, make a difference in the coming years.

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