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WhatsApp: Chain letter in circulation: What's behind the "secret change"

WhatsApp: Chain letter in circulation: What’s behind the “secret change”

A WhatsApp chain letter is currently in circulation in which Messenger is said to have secretly changed the settings with a new update. We clarify what this is.

WhatsApp has announced Changes in terms and conditions Many users have been annoyed for the past few months and in some cases are even driven to use other messenger alternatives. Recently, a chain letter has been circulating among WhatsApp users in which it is said that there is a covert change in attitudes, as announced by “Mimigama”.

The news says that WhatsApp has quietly introduced that users can be invited into groups by any other user, including those who are not on their own friends list.

This is the WhatsApp chain letter

The wording of the messages will vary, but the key messages will always be the same:

WhatsApp updated its settings last night without notifying users!

It changed its group settings and added you “to everyone”.

This means that any WhatsApp user – even if you do not know – can add you to any group without your knowledge and without your permission.

That means your content can be attacked or spammed. “

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WhatsApp Chain Letter: What It Is About

Basically, the statements in the news are not false: with the basic settings of WhatsApp, users can invite other users to any number of groups. It is also correct that WhatsApp has recently released a new update for users.

Bigger But: The new version of Ambassador has not changed the settings for group calls. The organization’s preference for who can invite me to a group has been set up “for everyone” from the beginning. In this case, there can be no question about a secret adaptation of WhatsApp.

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Change panel settings manually – this is how it works

By the way, until 2019, users have no way to fix this option. Whether you can invite everyone to groups, friends or no one, I was able to fix the settings in the settings for about two years. So if you do not want to end up in spam groups, you need to make manual adjustments in the messenger settings.

How it ended: In WhatsApp, tap the three dots in the upper right corner. A menu opens in which you can select “Settings”. Now you have to tap on “Account” and then on “Data Security”. You can now change the setting under “Groups”.

But: WhatsApp has actually recently changed its data security guidelines. If you agree with this, you can watch his video below:

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