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WhatsApp: Confusion about secret changes - has the blue tick for some news disappeared?

WhatsApp: Blue Tick Confusion – Have some news receipts disappeared?

Blue check marks on WhatsApp messages show whether a message has been read.

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Is there a change in the blue tick planned for WhatsApp? Apparently, reading receipts for some news items are temporarily unknown.

Munich – For many WhatsApp users, they have become essential: a blue tick that indicates whether a message has already been read by a chat partner. This function also applies to voice messages. But not everyone likes blue hooks. Some feel controlled by themselves or at least pressured to respond directly to others. This is why some WhatsApp users turn off “read confirmations”, meaning you can not see whether a chat partner or a message has been read. However, voice messages are not yet available. With them, the blue tick always glows – regardless of what system was made for “reading confirmations”.

Report on secret WhatsApp change: Is the blue tick in voice messages gone soon?

That should have changed by now – at least in the short term. Like the technology portal Technical book The ambassador is said to have created the option to deactivate the function for voice messages in early March 11th. If reading confirmations are disabled for at least one calling partner, the blue tick for voice messages will no longer appear, even if they are heard. At least it reported Technical book.

Confusion over WhatsApp change: Can blue ticks crash quickly for voice messages?

However, our editorial team’s test could not confirm this observation (until March 14, 12.30pm). Blue eaters continued to appear here, despite passive reading confirmation for voice messages. So it could have been only a temporary test of the ambassador. That includes that Technical book Not from. According to its own information, a request to WhatsApp from the portal has not yet been answered. Techbook asked WhatsApp if the change was permanent or a test. An answer is still pending, ”he writes Technical book On his side.

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WhatsApp change with blue check mark: Temporary test only?

So far, WhatsApp has not reported any planned change. It may also indicate that this is only a temporary test. After all, the option to disable reading confirmations for voice messages is a drastic change for users. In terms of privacy and data protection, it would be logical to determine for yourself using the blue tick. (Come)