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Apple can only offer the option to download security links for iOS

Apple can only offer the option to download security links for iOS

In the future, Apple may distribute security updates related to newer versions of iOS, which only include security fixes. This is the meaning of code pieces Labels Issued by 9to5Mac In the fourth beta of iOS 14.5. This means you can upgrade your iPhone or iPad to fix vulnerabilities without installing new functions.

Security> Install Updates Option appears in General> Software Update> Automatic Updates. By unchecking the first option (download new updates), the second will disappear. Apparently it is still under construction!

Before iOS 14.5 users can decide whether to install a full update or a security update. While installing patches has always been a great idea, dislike of new features can be explained in some circles, such as within the company or academia: users should not want IT administrators to access certain innovations.

The code also indicates the possibility of overwriting an update that has already been updated (for example, the full version of iOS) when one wants to install another update (for example, the version that only includes fixes).

Currently, this is all or nothing: a device with new features And Device without connections or new functions And Poorly protected. On devices that are not compatible with iOS 13, Apple is still offering security updates (as of early January, they were licensed for iOS 12.5.1), and, with the exception, newer functions such as iOS 12.5 will also run notifications from the release. The same is true of older versions of the Magos that receive security updates, such as Mojave and Catalina.

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