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WhatsApp, beware of this message!  It steals your account and all your data.  How to defend yourself

WhatsApp, beware of this message! It steals your account and all your data. How to defend yourself

We know better The dangers behind the WhatsApp message It did not come from our contacts. Often that message, though seemingly harmless, hides a trap that allows malicious individuals to seize our smartphone and our most important data. This is despite the fact that the instant messaging application is protected Final to final encryption.

News that threatens millions of profiles is only chronologically new. A trick is now obsolete, but still widely used, and born to work WhatsAppWeb. In this case, in fact, you need one to access the desktop version Verification code, If it ends up in the wrong hands, the account that goes into the hands of malicious persons will be ready to use for their malicious purposes.

WhatsApp: One more scam news! How to defend yourself

The state police intervened in the case They wanted to post a message on their Facebook page in which users are warned about the dangers they may face when a message scam infiltrates their smartphone. According to the State Police:Enable Whatsapp Messaging Processor on your smartphone You need to enter the code sent via SMS to the device. Through this procedure, cybercriminals can send an SMS to the victim asking them to send this code, which appears as the sender of the phone number of the contacts in the address book.. Sending the code allows you to activate the new Whatsapp on another device, but specifies the phone number of the selected victim, who actually loses its ownership.“.

Basically the criminals do nothing but send a message to the unsuspecting users, making them believe that it is used to check the WhatsApp processor, but in fact it is just another way of accessing their smartphone. In this case, the hackers will do nothing but activate the user’s account (unknown) on the primary device, but will actually specify the victim’s phone number to lose ownership. Advice? Always be careful not to risk giving sensitive data to cyber-criminals Checked every message and did not respond to allow access above all.

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