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Vaccinated children, Federica Salvini dies: "I will vaccinate my son"

Vaccinated children, Federica Salvini dies: “I will vaccinate my son”

The debate over the vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11 is heating up. In fact, Massimo Federica decided to break the league’s smallest front, instead of vaccinating the kids against Govt. The governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a guest of Bruno Vespa in Porto A porta, announced that he was ready to vaccinate his 7-year-old son soon. His secretary Matteo Salvini is the exact opposite of what he has argued so far. Meanwhile, Giorgio Balu, head of the AIFA, said that the EMA’s decision on the issue could come in the next few hours, adding that “we cannot exclude the obligation to vaccinate children.”

Photo by Matteo Salvini and Massimiliano Federica Photo by Lapresso / Stefano Cavici 04/23/2018 Cotrobo

“We must rely on science.” – Frederica announced in Porta A porta on November 23. “It seems to me that the test for 11-year-olds has given the best results in terms of safety and the best against adverse effects. Therefore, I recommend vaccinating children when possible. We will vaccinate my one-year-old son, and the youngest is 4 years old and unable to, ”explains Governor Friulian.

Vaccine for children, Federica against salvini

Frederica, however, agrees not to introduce the vaccine duty on children. The only point that seems to follow the line accepted so far by Carocio. In fact, Secretary Salvini has repeatedly stated that he is skeptical about the purpose of vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11.

However, a recommendation from Giorgio Paul that is the complete opposite of the Northern League leader’s recommendation. “Emma can already expect a decision between today and tomorrow,” says the head of IFA, about the vaccine for children 5-11 years old. Vaccination can begin in Italy from next Monday. “Epidemiological data suggest that the 5-11 age group has the highest incidence. – Milk explains – To determine the vaccine duty, the risks and benefits must be weighed. But the picture is changing, even children are admitted to the hospital and have no similar pathology. The risk of infection is much higher than the risk of a vaccine that has not been studied. Therefore, the obligation of the anti-govt vaccine to the 5–11-year-old group cannot be ruled out, and this is a gradual assessment.

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