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WhatsApp, a trick not to miss any messages: users are surprised

WhatsApp, a trick not to miss any messages: users are surprised

Check out a trick on WhatsApp to not miss any messages. Let’s see how to use the trick that not all users speak.

New trick to not miss any text (via web source)

For many years now Share It has become essential for communication, but we often run the risk of leaving some messages, a problem that can be solved by a simple trick. In fact, we can recover all the messages we delete from the messaging app starting today. In fact, you will need a third party application to do this Digital Stores.

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In fact, you need to download to view deleted messages WhatsRemoved +, Available for free in both applications App Store e Game Store. This application allows you to track all notifications in real time, thus recording all messages with screen shots. So even if we delete a message, we will still find it within the application. Obviously, being a third-party application, you have to be very careful, especially in accepting the terms. Terms of service.

WhatsApp is not just a trick for every message: the new flag is coming among the emojis

We saw a lot of news coming in last week Share. Last worry Emoji Will be within use. You need to download the version to get the new flag of WhatsApp beta. By downloading, in fact, you will have Refugee flag emblem. The update is currently exclusive to all users of the Android operating system.

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The flag in question has an orange background and a horizontal black bar. Reported on its official website WABetaInfo, You can find emojis in the field reserved for flags, which are rich and rich. Container with all flags is supported Unicode Federation, Which allows you to select them in chats. This is only the latest news of the app which is constantly updated every week.