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What's really going on - Libero Cottidiano

What’s really going on – Libero Cottidiano

Do our phones listen to us? This is a question that many have asked themselves at least once in their lives. Remove messages Tried to respond with’s service Marco Kamisani Calcollary, Tried for the first time An interactive experiment on television. The purpose is to show that smartphones are often spying to sell their data to marketing agencies, unbeknownst to users. Companies that show temporary promotional offers to users.

“Our phones listen to us and do it with precise settings,” the IT expert said. Then the test: “Ready? I’m going to say a few phrases that will increase the volume on the TV by bringing the phone closer. So The cell phone will listen to what I have to say“At that time Calsolari said: ‘I want a car, I need a new car, a car to travel, a car that consumes little but good performance. “After he stopped talking, he sent Undress He addressed the audience back home: “Now you can turn down the volume and turn off the smartphone screen.”

Some applications turn on the phone’s microphoneThey send everything to their server, translate it into text, and then sell it to specialized companies that send us ads. “But then he said:” The responsibility lies not with the advertisers. “Finally the amount pulled by the calorie;” If we and our smartphone can finish these rounds in the next few days We receive ads related to cars Maybe we are not used to getting. If that does not happen, then fortunately no one listened to you or advertisers did not buy those keywords in the ad rounds we completed. Anyway, if you get ads on cars, let us know like this We will try to remove the mask of these deceivers who listen to us. “.

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Here is the service of Stricia La Noticia on the phones that spy on us