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What’s new in the next update

Microsoft is preparing to release the 21h1 update for Windows 10. This update seems less ambitious than the updates released in the first quarter of previous years. Here is everything you need to know about this future update.

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Microsoft is preparing for a push New update for Windows 10, the traditional “H1” update for 2021. In previous years, this update was loaded with new features. However, this year, according to the version of the update that Microsoft and Insiders are already testing, We are no longer on the upgrade update Such as Windows 10 20 H2 update Than the real big update. Microsoft explains that Windows 21 contains H1 “Fewer features […] The monthly renewal process and 20H2 renewal are provided through maintenance technology as provided ”

In other words, If your PC is up to date, this update will be relatively minor if you create 2004 or 20H2 Provided by Microsoft Call Activation package – Maximum two to three minutes for installation. If you have an earlier version, For example create Windows 10 1909, The update will be more complete, so it will take more time. By the way, if you still do not know your creation number, simply go ahead Settings> System> System Info See what is displayed on the right side of the window.

Windows 10 21 H1: New features of the update are here

As we said, Windows 10 21 H1 does not have many new “public” features. There are still many of them, although their usefulness is not always obvious to everyone.

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Hello Windows New

Windows 10 windows Hello

Windows Hello is an integrated system of Windows 10 For biometric authentication. Hello Windows In particular, it has supported facial recognition for many years – some manufacturers offer an integrated secure infrared device next to the Kinect-inspired webcam.

Thanks for the next update, It is possible to use a second secure face recognition system As part of Windows Hello. This should be very useful, for example, if you are using an external display with a compatible Windows Hello device. You can now set the device configured on this screen as the default Windows Hello biometric authentication mode.

Windows Defender Application Guard fixes some annoying bugs

Recession issues were mentioned when starting Microsoft Office. There were also performance issues when copying files larger than 400MB from the command line by robotic copy tool. Finally, Microsoft fixed an issue that caused excessive memory consumption when WDAG was idle in the background. So these issues will disappear with the next Windows 10 enhancement update.

Microsoft Defender
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) support in kiosk mode

Have you ever tried? Launch the new Edge browser In kiosk mode? If it does not work and a blue screen appears, you need to upgrade to the next update. In fact, Microsoft added support for Microsoft Edge in kiosk mode in September 2020, but this update has not yet reached the full PC fleet. With the 21H1 upgrade, this support will reach more engines.

Performance improvement for the management and remote management of mechanical navies

Like many improvements in this version This innovation will mainly benefit system administrators. Remote configuration performance improves, including the dissemination of new rules and user accounts. Reconfigures Windows Remote Management Cloud to provide better performance.

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When will the Windows 10 21 H1 update be available?

Windows 10 Login Session
Credit: Banos Sakalagis / Unsplash

The Windows 10 21 H1 update is expected to be followed Regular table For Windows 10 biennial updates. Windows 21 H1 is already available to Insider members. If no problems are found, you are entitled to an update to the preview version before launching the general version very slowly with the Microsoft Windows update.

So when can you expect to get Windows 21 H1 if you are not a member of the Insider program? It is almost impossible to give an exact date because it is accurate It is common for Microsoft to have problems using its updates Windows. Yet we can notice it Last year’s update 20H1 deployment took place in May.

Of course, if your Windows 10 creation is not yet at the end of support, you can still do it without installing for a while. But after a while this installation will be forced to take advantage of the latest security connections.

The Windows 10 21 H2 update will be the real next big update

Were you waiting for the real big Windows 10 update? You will undoubtedly be served in the second half of 2021. Microsoft really needs to start building 21H2 “Sun Valley” It once looked like the “H1” of previous years.

The big news of this update Windows interface subject to welcome product. This update includes more rounded buttons, windows and dialogs, modern and integrated interfaces that go from the Start menu, to File Explorer or to the dialog box when copying files..

Windows 10 interface
Credit: Windows Central

It’s hard to list all the design changes that are so deep in this update. There is moreThe arrival of a highly integrated dark mode And smooth animations. You may not recognize your computer!

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However, this update will not be a simple new “skin”. We already know that there will be new features as well. For example, a New advanced battery management tool Like Magos, the new edge is better integrated in the workplace.

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There will be one New dashboard, Better management Gestures for tablets and interchangeable PCs. It is obvious that we need to know more about all the contributions of this update in the coming months. Its release is likely to take place in October 2021 if no problems are found in the meantime.