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Googl Chrome 96

What’s new and how to download it

Adding newer versions of Google Chrome. The standard version of Chrome 96 is already available on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS). This new version is particularly unique due to its new cache management, which significantly speeds up the perception of browsing and instant loading of pages. A way to further expand the division with non-Chromium based third party web browsers.

So, the desktop version of the browser incorporates the new caching system and loads the sites you can visit upstream. The system works just like the suggestions that appear when you start typing something in the address bar. The browser loads all the results that appear in the background, except showing suggestions. Suddenly, if clicked, the page will be displayed immediately.

What’s new in Chrome 96?

This feature has been around for some time in mobile versions of the browser. On Android, automatic page loading is available from version 86 onwards. Another new feature in this version: better compatibility with System Dark mode on desktop or mobile versions. Chrome now works just as expected, requiring the darker version of sites to show up when available.

There are some new things to implement in Chrome: // Flags. In particular, it’s a welcome innovation that allows you to choose different levels of text magnification for each tab. To enable this simple feature, type chrome: // flags in the address bar and go to the experimental features page. Search the property # Enable-access-page-zoom And implement it.

How do I benefit from Chrome 96 now?

If you chose automatic updates to enjoy the latest version of Chrome, you have no choice but to wait a while. However, if you want to force the installation of the latest version available on your laptop or desktop computer Go to this page To download the program. You can install the new version if you want to remove the current version.

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On Android, go to the Play Store to request an update. Similarly on the iPhone, go to the App Store, touch your avatar and find Chrome in the list. What do you think of this new version of Chrome? Share your opinion in the comments.