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Windows 11 (build 22489) : Quoi De Neuf Et Comment Le

What’s new and how to download it

A week after the chaos caused by the first version of the Android subsystem on Windows, we need to talk about the new version of Windows 11 for the Dev channel. We remind you that the Dev Channel is working on the updates we will receive next year. That’s why you can’t test the Android app at this time. Let’s see what’s new on Built 22489 on the Dev channel.

What’s new in version 22489

New Microsoft Account Page

They began to implement a new design “Your Microsoft Account” Settings> Account. Clicking on the New Settings area takes us to the New Settings page, which displays information about your Microsoft account, including Microsoft 365 subscriptions, links to order history, payment details and Microsoft rewards. This allows access to our Microsoft account within the settings of Windows 11. You first start ordering a very small number of insiders and then it grows over time.

Over time, Microsoft Account Settings may want to improve the feedback center’s feedback through online service experience packages. These packs work just like the Windows Feature Experience packages, allowing Windows updates outside of major operating system updates.

The difference between the two is that Windows Feature Experience Packs can provide significant improvements in various areas of Windows, while online service experience packages focus on improving the specific experience, such as the new Microsoft account settings page. For example, it will appear in the Windows update “Online Service Experience Package – Windows.Parameters.Account” With version number. Now, they are testing this mechanism first through the new Microsoft Account Settings page.

Changes and improvements to the built-in 22489

  • They added support for Discovery Design Receivers, which allows Windows to detect the encrypted DNS settings of the DNS receiver known only by its IP address. See this publication for more details.
  • To improve stability, they updated the name of the link app, which now exists “Wireless Monitor”. This app is an on-demand (FOD) feature and can be run by going to Settings> Apps> Custom Features> Add Custom Feature.
  • Are divided “Applications and Features” In the settings on both sides of the application, “Installed Applications” And “Advanced application settings”.
  • If you do not know, Windows Sandbox now works on ARM64 systems.

Make 22489 edits


  • Application icons on secondary monitors are now better replaced by blanks.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred in Explorer Explorer.exe when using the right-click menu from the desktops right-click menu.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred in Explorer.exe when removing the desktops drop-down menu.

File browser

  • Right-clicking on a drive in File Explorer is now the top-level option for quick access.
  • Improved performance for launching the context menu.
  • Fixed some fixes to improve the reliability of Explorer.exe when using File Explorer.


  • It would be better now to close the windows from the work view.
  • Fixed window flashing when resizing some apps in the latest versions of the Dev channel.

Setting up

  • Fixed an issue that caused the system to crash in some cases after accessing the Windows update.
  • Added missing space in search results when searching for touch keyboard settings.
  • Changed system crash when trying to customize options on wheel settings.
  • If the animations are disabled, the animation will no longer exist because the notification with X will be rejected.
  • Recently I had a problem preventing media controls from appearing in Quick Settings when playing music. The use of hardware media keys is also believed to be affected.
  • The Tip for Wi-Fi option in Quick Settings no longer appears at the top of the screen.


  • Reduced a basic issue where the Processes tab in the Task Manager is sometimes empty. This is also believed to be the reason for the recent slow opening of UAC.
  • Fixed an issue that did not install the Xbox Game Pass games showing the error 0x00000001.
  • Fixed an issue with Get-Winewind crashing on PowerShell with InvalidOperationException (Issue # 60740).
  • Fixed high impact mousocoreworker.exe crash in latest versions.
  • Improved text format on notification buttons where icon and text are present.
  • Tips If the application is uninstalled, the Startup application will no longer crash.
  • Fixed an issue with some devices checking for errors in SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCPTION when upgrading from previous versions.
  • Made a fundamental change to help fix the issue that caused some users to see an unexpected error message dialog box. “Bad movie” When the engine starts.

Known bugs


  • In this release, you will find links to Windows Update, Recovery and Developers on the Windows Update page. To check for updates, double-click on Windows Update. Links for recovery and developers should not appear in this area and will be fixed in the next release.
  • Users upgrading to a new creation from or earlier using the latest ISO in the development channel may receive the following warning: The version you are trying to install is signed. To proceed with the installation, run Signature. If you receive this message, press the Activate button, restart the system, and try the update again.
  • Some users may find that their screen and sleep times are reduced. They explore the potential impact of short screen and sleep times on power consumption.

Get started

  • In some cases, text cannot be entered when starting the search in the taskbar. If this happens to you, press WIN + R to open the Run dialog box and then close it.


  • The taskbar sometimes flashes when switching between different input methods.
  • After circling the corner of the taskbar, they are working on the problem where the toolbar help text appears in an unexpected place.


  • After clicking the search icon in the taskbar, the search panel may not open. If this happens, restart the process “Windows Explorer” And reopen the search panel.

Quick actions

  • They are exploring some reports of insiders whose volume and brightness control are not shown correctly in quick action.

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