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What you didn’t know about RuneScape 3 War’s Retreat

In RS3, many items and features unlocked can help make the gameplay more exciting and improve your game experience. One such feature is War’s Retreat, a hub for Monster Activities, Players vs. Monsters, or Player vs. Environment.

War’s retreat is created and designed to give players the basic amenities they can use to fight and defeat bosses in the game. Accessing this hub will require a player to have a combat level of up to 60 or a combined level of up to 1000. This sounds difficult to attain, right? It should not be, especially if you have RS3 Gold.

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War’s Retreat Overview

War’s Retreat is like the Max Guild. It has a campfire where a player can raise their life points, a bank chest for healing purposes, and an altar that can be used to store prayers and summoning points.

To assess the War’s Retreat, a player must touch the War’s symbol found at the Draynor Village lodestone Northern area close to Death’s hourglass. It can also be entered using the doorway located at the Death’s Office Western part.

Free-to-play players can easily access the hub, but there is a catch. They cannot buy the Elder campfire upgrade, refreshers from War, or auras. However, they can attune their boss portals to the King Black Dragon, or the Giant Mole, two common free-to-play bosses.

Features of War’s Retreat

The War’s Retreat hub has different features that make the activities one-of-a-kind. There are four major features, and they include;

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Bank Chest

The bank chest of War’s Retreat allows players to access the game’s bank. Again, the bank chest is seen as an actual bank, but in this case, it does not store resources but is used for healing.

Altar of War

The altar of War features of War’s Retreat is an area that allows players to restore their summoning and prayer points. This feature of War’s Retreat can be unlocked using War’s War, which we will discuss later. War’s Wares is unlocked for players with about 200 or more Boss kills.


Another future in War’s Retreat is War itself, which is one of the main four riders of the apocalypse. War gives the player access to War’s Wares, his personal reward shop, and also provides access to a decanting service for flasks and potions.


The campfire feature in War’s Retreat is a permanent fire that gives a player a bonfire boost. A player can upgrade the campfire using the War’s reward shop, War’s wares, or Marks of War. We will talk more about Marks of War later in the article. But first, you should know that players cannot use a campfire for cooking food. Or as a real bonfire.

Portals in War’s Retreat

In War’s Retreat, players can use four basic portals. These portals have different qualities and characteristics players need to know before attuning bosses. The four portals are:

Fateful Portal

This portal in War’s Retreat is attuned to seasonal events. The tuning is automatic, and if an event is not active, the portal is tuned to the new boss released.

Reaper Portal

Reaper Portal is a portal in War’s Retreat that is tuned automatically to a boss the players assign. It works hand in hand with the player’s Soul Reaper assignments. So whichever boss a player assigns in their Soul Reapers assignment is the boss attuned to the Reaper Portal.

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East Boss Portal

This is not any different from most of the portals in War’s retreat, but it has its fair share of unique abilities. For example, the East boss portal is unlocked when 100 bosses are killed via War’s wares.

West Boss Portal

Players in RS3 attune to the West boss portal to reach a boss they choose to fight. Attuning the West boss portal will require players to have at least one kill of that particular boss. The player wouldn’t spend anything the first time attuning the West boss portal because it is free. After that, however, it costs 50,000 coins and 100 boss kills after that first try. To reattune most of these portals, players will require 100 kills of the boss they are trying to access and 50,000 coins. If they do not have the 100 kills, they will have to pay 100,000 coins. That is a whole lot of resources.

War’s Retreat portals are for bosses, as we already stated, so players should not expect to access tormented demons, air, glaciers, and so on from it. These can be seen in portals in Max Guild and not War’s Retreat.

Dummy area

The Dummy area in War’s Retreat is handy for players still new to the game. It allows players to fight and attack dummies to test their abilities and gather adrenaline. Why is adrenaline

necessary? You will find out soon. The War’s Retreat dummy area has three main features. They include:

  1. A bank chest
  2. Three dummies for training
  3. Three dispensers that dispense dummies for training
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In War’s Retreat, two adrenaline crystals are located close to the portals. These crystals are inert and only activated when a boss kill is up to 1000.

Once activated, players can take adrenaline from the adrenaline crystals and gain 25% for each two-game tick. Once it reaches 100%, players can’t take any more adrenaline. However, this is only so in some cases. There are unique cases where the adrenaline can exceed 100%.

For instance, if a player has an active Heightened Sense Relic Power, the adrenaline can go as high as 110%. If the player is equipped with an adrenaline run, it stops only when adrenaline is up to 1000%.

War’s Wear

In War’s Retreat, War offers players a reward shop known as the War’s War. In this shop, the currency is boss kills and Marks of Wars which are gotten when a player defeats a boss.

Although the two currencies used in War’s Wares are gotten the same way – killing bosses, they operate differently, especially in upgrades.

Marks of War

In War’s Wares, a certain kind of currency is used, different from the game’s traditional currency. This currency is known as Marks of War, which is earned when a player kills a boss. In an hour, a player can make a maximum of 1000 marks of War, which can be used in War’s Ware, the reward shop in War’s Retreat.

If you need more Marks of War, you must defeat more difficult bosses. However, defeating more difficult bosses doesn’t mean you earn at most 1000 Marks of War in one hour.