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What will happen on February 8 for WhatsApp users who do not accept the changes?  nothing

What will happen on February 8 for WhatsApp users who do not accept the changes? nothing

AGI – What will happen to anyone on February 8th Will not accept new contract terms With WhatsApp? None, because the company has decided to postpone the final warning for three months, and in the face of mounting criticism and exits to less authoritarian news services. Signal e Telegram, “Allow more time for the latest update”.

Also: WhatsApp has decided to explain to users How things are Since “the latest update has created a bit of confusion”.

“We are concerned that the spread of misinformation and misinformation has caused concern, and we want to make it clear that the principles on which we rely are understood by all,” they write. Here is a summary of what they are saying.

What does not change

  • Everything you share with family and friends will be with them.
  • Personal conversations will continue to be protected with final to final encryption.
  • Personal messages cannot be viewed on WhatsApp or Facebook. No traces of invited or dispatched persons.
  • WhatsApp cannot even see the shared location and does not share the user’s contacts with Facebook.
  • With this update the ability to share information with Facebook will not increase.

What changes

The update also includes new options, which allow users to exchange messages with companies that use WhatsApp and provide greater transparency in how data is collected and used. The goal is to spread the use of WhatsApp for shopping. However, the company hopes that more users will choose to do so in the future.

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What will not happen on February 8th

WhatsApp has decided to postpone the date for users to review and accept the terms. As of February 8, no accounts will be suspended or deleted. Gradually, according to the time of each, users will be invited to review the information before May 15 when new business options become available.