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Toro did not download Cairo Giampolo.  Technician: "We can't go wrong anymore"

Toro did not download Cairo Giampolo. Technician: “We can’t go wrong anymore”

Turin. “Giampolo stays”. The word of Arbano Cairo, who did not want to talk about Toro’s performance at the end of the match against Specia, but despite the “bad game, the worst of the season” he removed doubts about the future of the Abruzzo coach, the brief comment host grenade. However, as far as the coach is concerned, this is not his worst performance, despite the fact that 82 out of ten men could not win more than Specia, but Pelotti’s litmus test and the problems of his teammates. «We are not very clear, but the team has improved compared to some time ago – Torino coach’s opinion -. It is true that we had to take advantage of the arithmetic superiority, Spice was tired in the last quarter of an hour, we attacked with more confidence, but were more confused, we did not have a pinch of good luck.

But luck, as they say, helps the brave and the grass, despite the importance of the challenge, not the courage. With 13 matches recorded in 13 days – the truth of Giampolo -, we got a little tired physically and mentally. Sure, if you look at the rankings it’s all black, but you need to know how to live with the stress. Unfortunately, we can no longer make mistakes, so every match will be harder.