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What to do if the battery suddenly runs out?  How to properly use battery cables to start your car

What to do if the battery suddenly runs out? How to properly use battery cables to start your car

Unfortunately, this can actually happen to everyone End up with a dead car battery, May be due to forgotten files or overuse of the car radio when the vehicle is disabled. If the battery is discharged, the vehicle will not start and will not return on foot. However, it doesn’t have to go that way just because it does Quick and effective way to restart the car. This includes using power cables to connect them to your car using the energy of another vehicle that is working. This is not very difficult, because you can do the same if you follow the instructions found in this very useful guide that explains how to connect cables and what precautions to take to achieve the desired result in safety.

Dead battery is what you need to start

First, keep in mind that you need to be very careful when handling car batteries and cables as incorrect movement can cause a short circuit. You need the gods to get started Cables designed for car battery. The important thing is that these are high quality cables with thick copper wires. Enough to continue Another car with a charged battery. To recharge your car battery, both vehicles must be present Similar voltage and amperage.

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How to progress gradually

Now you have all the items you need, these are the steps to follow to restart your car with a dead battery. To get started, you need to disable all of your car’s services with low battery such as headlights, wipers and the like. Turn off the engine of the second vehicle and turn off the power to the tool cluster.

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At this point, Connect the red cable with the positive poles + In the batteries of the two cars indicated with the sign. Take it Connect the black cable and the negative pole Indicates your low battery and then the negative pole of the charged battery. Now The car engine starts Let the battery charge and let the engine idle for about five minutes. At this point, check that the cables are not overheated. Turn off the engine of the emergency car now e Try restarting your car Anyway, that’s it. If it has not started yet, you can repeat this process for another five minutes.

The moment your car breaks down and restarts, connect the cables for a few more minutes Avoid dangerous power surges. Now you are ready to disconnect the cables, but again, be very careful: always start with the red cable. Always be careful to avoid the risk of sparks and flames and always handle the black cable. It is best to leave the engine of your car About twenty minutes, even better if in motion. This procedure can be used not only on cars, but also on motorcycles and motorcycles.