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Make WhatsApp more secure: You need to do these settings

How do I set up my Android smartphone?

You can build WhatsApp very securely in a few simple steps. For this we will tell you which settings you need to do in Messenger.

  • WhatsApp is being criticized for new terms of use.
  • Additionally, stolen WhatsApp accounts do not resolve users.
  • The messenger can be placed very safely in a few simple steps.

How secure my data is Share? Many users are currently asking themselves this question. After all, the ambassador is increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals who continue with new scams.

So the reports are worrying Hackers who take accounts with the help of simple WhatsApp message, Lasting into uncertainty. Still, you don’t have to go for one WhatsApp-Alternative Change, with some simple steps you can greatly increase the security of your data through WhatsApp.

Unlike most online services, WhatsApp does not use the classic login policy with a username and password. Alternatively, your WhatsApp account can be permanently linked to your phone number and permanently opened using an SMS code.

Anyone who gets their hands on your unlocked smartphone can access all of your WhatsApp chats. Additional authentication is possible on devices with a fingerprint scanner.

Enable self-destruct messages

WhatsApp recently started offering Expired news A kind of self-destructive method for messages. If you enable this, all messages you send will be deleted after 7 days. There are ways to bypass the mode, but this increases the ambassador’s security.

Do without cloud backup

If you store your WhatsApp chats in Google Drive or iCloud, you should know that unlike Messenger, they are not subject to end-to-end encryption. If you want to be on the safe side, you have to be instead Cloud backups for local WhatsApp backups Put it on.

Submit 2-factor authorization

Need more security for your WhatsApp account? With what is described by us in a separate manual You can use two factor authentication for your WhatsApp account Protect yourself against unauthorized access by logging in if you lose your SIM card or smartphone.

Enable security notifications

With Security notifications on WhatsApp A contact can make sure they tell you who they are. However, feature-disabled ex-works. We will show you how to implement it in the attached instructions.

Disable automatic media download

If someone sends you a picture or a gif, WhatsApp will download it automatically. The malicious code can sometimes find its way into your mobile phone, for example, when the GIF security hole was exploited in Messenger in October 2019. So you have to Disable automatic media download on WhatsApp.

Read unnoticed status messages

If they see the WhatsApp status of a contact, they will be notified about it. But there are two tricks you can use to do this View a friend’s WhatsApp status anonymously We can tell you in the attached article.

Use a VPN

Generally, we recommend one on your mobile phone as well VPN Use – for a variety of reasons. For example, you can use this to hide your IP address from WhatsApp. Recommended Free VPN services We introduce you in the attached article.

In another talk we will tell you how to behave WhatsApp protects from secret readers.

“Tip: Excellent VPN providers for added security and data security

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