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Pokémon Xenoverse Title

What is Pokemon Xenoverse? How to download, new Pokemon and more!

Pokémon Xenoverse is a ROM hack developed by an Italian team called Team Veddle. This fan-made Pokemon title was created using RPG Maker settings and features a new story that Pokemon fans will discover. It is still in testing and you can expect updates.

Everything We Know About Pokemon Xenoverse

Pokémon Xenoverse is a fan-made game developed by a team of 100 people. It features many additions and returning mechanics that Pokemon fans will love. A new adventure involves venturing into a new area and bonding with your starter Pokemon like never before. There are 14 cities to discover with different themes and environments.

You can complete objectives in the game to get various rewards and enjoy a system to change HM Pokémon. There are also evolutionary changes, and even mega-evolution. Pokémon Xenoverse is still in alpha, but there’s already a lot of content to discover in this ROM hack.

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How to download Pokemon Xenoverse

To download Pokemon Xenoverse, visit the official Pokemon Xenoverse website. Above you will see the option to download Pokémon ROM. Click on it to start your download. With any ROM, you download it at your own risk and we recommend that you scan for viruses and check that you are downloading from an official source.

How to play Pokemon Xenoverse

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Pokémon Xenoverse, you’ll need a ROM emulator to run the title. You can find various emulators online, but choose one that the gaming community trusts. Downloading emulators is also risky, and you should review the rules and regulations of your region’s title emulator.

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New Pokémon in Pokémon Xenoverse

Pokemon Xenoverse InitiatorsImage by the WEEDle team

Pokémon Xenoverse not only features new Pokémon, but a new type of Clay that changes the strength and weakness system. Players can expect to meet and catch 463 Pokemon, including 269 new Pokemon and 165 returning Pokemon.

You’ll get your first taste of new Pokemon in the opening trio. These include Shyleon, a grass/fairy Pokemon, Trishout, a fire/clay Pokemon, and Shulong, a water/dragon Pokemon. However, this is only the beginning of your new adventure, and in time you will discover Species X, a Pokemon from another dimension.

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