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What if the atmosphere of Venus gives life a good refuge?

Venus is a very hospitable neighbor. At a temperature of about 400 degrees it will preserve life.

This is a stubborn rumor that hangs in the minds of scientists like a plaster stuck on Captain Hodak’s finger. Many more refuse to believe it, but there are a large number of more confident supporters. As this group grows, it gains credibility and, most importantly, it multiplies contextual resources.

Without a full understanding of how it really is, it is quite possible that life forms exist in the atmosphere of Venus. Primitive, microbial or bacterial, it is a bar, there is life, and if this hypothesis is proven it will mark a real revolution in our conception of life, the universe and how it works.

Opinions about aliens are limited to science fiction

We were not alone, we thought for a long time that there were other human beings like us somewhere in the sky, at least other creatures. But for less than half a century, this fantasy fell into the world of science fiction and pop culture.

Scientists no longer believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, at least not in our solar system. There is no shortage of candidates yet. Beginning with Jupiter’s moons, especially in Europe, there is certainly an ocean of liquid water beneath its surface, which is the perfect breeding ground for life, would you say? Nothing is certain.

Venus: The best candidate beyond himself?

In fact, the conditions for the formation of life on a planet or moon are very specific, and it certainly is not. Very hospitable Venus That life can be rooted.

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Still, strange as it may seem, life can only be in the most dense conditions of our neighbor. Scientists are far less likely to think so. One does not have to think for a second that there may be life on the fiery earth of Venus. The latter averages 460 ° C, while 96% of the breathable air is made up of carbon dioxide. With it the wind blows at a speed of 360 km per hour.

So the so-called “twin sister of the earth” does not need a doctorate in astronomy to understand how hospitable she is. But according to the most trusted scientists, Pockets of life are in Venus. These are found in the atmosphere of the planet.

In fact, its research by the Soviets since the 70s found traces of ammonia around the planet. Since then, scientists have found traces of oxygen, but also of steam. Many more clues suggest that life may and may not exist Friday.

According to a new study by MIT researchers, Venus clouds 50 kilometers above sea level would be the best choice. These will be too “The Possibility of Living” Under very specific conditions.