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For those who play happily for Christmas, an unexpected gift is coming

A new Christmas gift is coming to the homes of many players around the world! Here’s what it is.

Players will be delighted with this new Christmas gift! (Source: DCStudio on Freepick)

Never like this Christmas, The soldiers rained Gifts. Not only that Blizzard He wanted to give everyone a video game, But many video game homes and shops sell or give as much as possible! Unfortunately everyone knows, even if it is available PS5 e Xbox Series X. During the holidays it is smaller than before, viz Titles Gives Play for free And many more of them!

Some sites like Prime Gaming Ed Epic Game Store They offer practically enough games that you can easily relax without shopping A few months! But now something new has come Gift Christmas Last year all the players of a title were able to catch a lot of users in a very short time, thanks to its game So much fun.

Another Christmas gift? Genshin Impact takes care of it!

Christmas gift
Jens’ impact to the amazement of the fans! (Source: Epic Games Store)

Nowadays very few people know this topic Until, Unexpectedly featured in the hearts of fans. For those who do not know, The impact of Jenshin Open World is raw, with gameplay dynamics like the one seen in it The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This title features beautifully styled graphics Movable, With multiple interchangeable characters during fights and elements management, you can create combos and take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses or slightly change the surrounding environment.

Absolutely the title Free This is one thing that has made gamers who love video games very happy. In fact, there is this level of free open world game with updated content and fun gameplay, It’s not a thing Daily.

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The miHoYo Wanted to create Event As a gift to all players, thank you for receiving it 1600 Primogems (Game coin to get new characters and weapons) Absolutely free. The new event will start on December 24 And adding a new one Dungeon, This way you can accumulate others 400 savings!

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In short, Jensen’s influence was also desired Pay tribute Their players at this event, a real event Gift Christmas, Will delight many fans who love the title and are not playing!