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What changes in the March 6 DPCM for school, curfew order, bars and travel

What changes in the March 6 DPCM for school, curfew order, bars and travel

Prime Minister Mario Draghi Signed today March 5, the New DBCM It prescribes measures to combat the disease and prevent infection from Govt-19.

DBCM (Download the full text in PDF here) Sarah Effective from March 6 to April 6, 2021 Until March 27, a ban on travel between different regions or autonomous provinces is already in place, excluding travel for work, health or need reasons.

School, what changes in the new DBCM

Red areas

From March 6, activities in all areas, including kindergartens and elementary schools, are expected to be suspended in the red areas. The possibility of conducting face-to-face activities for students with disabilities and special education needs is ensured.

Orange and Yellow Zones: Regional activities can be ordered to stop school activities:

  • In areas where they have taken the most drastic measures due to the severity of the variations;
    In areas with more than 250 infections per 100 thousand people in 7 days;
    In the case of an exceptional situation that worsens the epidemiological picture.

Museums, Movie Theaters, Movie Theaters and Sports Facilities

In the yellow areas, the possibility of museums opening on weekdays has been confirmed, which guarantees a restricted visit. From March 27, back in the yellow areas, it will also be open on Saturdays and public holidays.

Since March 27, in the Yellow Zones, the possibility of reopening theaters and cinemas has been forecast in accordance with remote rules, with pre-allocated seats. Efficiency should not exceed a maximum of 25%, with 400 visitors outside and 200 rooms per room.

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Gyms, swimming pools and ski resorts are closed.


In all areas, the ban on retail beverages after 6 pm was lifted.

In red areas, personal services such as hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons will be closed.

Overseas and relocation

The number of countries involved in the so-called “Govt test” aircraft test is expanding.

Those who have been in Brazil for the previous 14 days are allowed to enter Italy, where they can reach the home, residence or residence of their minor children.

White areas

In the white zones, the control measures imposed on the yellow zone are expected to end, while the general anti-infective measures (e.g., the obligation to wear a mask and maintain a distance from each other) and protocols continue to apply to the sector.

Events involving meetings (exhibitions, congresses, discos and audiences) are suspended.

A “permanent schedule” has been set up in the Ministry of Health with representatives of the regions concerned, the technical-scientific committee and the Higher Health Institute to monitor the effects of the relaxation of activities and ultimately verify its need. Follow more.