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Users get many special weapons, modified demo -

Users get many special weapons, modified demo –

As most of you know, the testing phase is currently underway Outer Riders. The demo of this new shooter is especially popular, unfortunately there are some issues. In this case, incredibly, the problem is with the developers, not the players. Demo users have realized that there are actually some ways Get a large amount of special loot. So the developers decided Edit the demo.

In fact, I want you to know it The progress of the Outer Riders demo applies to the full version of the game, April 1, 2021. So the players use the demo to advance and loot as much as possible. In particular, they found a job in the 5th world, which allows you to open three chests without a fight. By doing it over and over again you can “farm” the best specialized weapons and equipment.

However this prevention can be cultivated The full version of Outlaws will damage the game balance, So the developers – people can fly – have decided to change some details. The fantastic part is that they will not stop you from the farm products in the demo, they will prevent you from getting the epic items from the breasts and vendors. However, side trips now have the ability to donate celebrity items. Basically, you really have to play to get valuable items. Also, the drop rate of enemies has not changed. Changes must be active March 5, 2021 This evening at 4:00 p.m..

We know the demo has been tried by over 2 million players, so developers can count on T1’s results. Finally, we remind you that you can read our article about the tried demo.

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Outer Riders: Agriculture is accepted up to a point