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Cyberpunk 2077, but how does V sleep?  Reveals the protagonist's position in a mod bed

Cyberpunk 2077, but how does V sleep? Reveals the protagonist’s position in a mod bed

Thanks for the work the fans did Cyberpunk 2077 with third party mods One of the mysteries introduced by the CD project’s science fiction blockbuster is solved, i.e. correct The position considered by V during sleep He lay on the bed in his apartment.

To sleep, the protagonist of The Witcher’s Open World RPG picks a bed and chooses to fall into bed Very unusual place. In the light of the unnatural pose chosen to represent this scene, there are many users since the release of Cyberbunk 2077 Created memes, Which immediately went viral on social networks, underlining the contradictions of the animation created by the CD project Leisure scenes with V.

To solve the puzzle, it is called Retreater jk47_99 So he decided to use one of the latest Cyberbank 2077 mods that would open the view of a third party. Once the shot was changed, the user of the popular video game forum was able to observe the entire line at a glance, which allowed V to understand what position he was sleeping in while sleeping in his apartment, thus figuring out what a pose it was. This, in spite of all the contradictions of the case, appears Less unnatural Admire the same scene from a subjective point of view than you might think.

This funny mystery is solved and we refer you to this message that describes Cyberbunk 2077 Mod for Intensive Hacking It gives V’s Additional Netroner Skills And, with them, the ability to turn on or off vending machines and open or close vehicle doors or gates throughout Night City.

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