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“We’re in a very symbolic scenario,” one expert promises

“We’re in a very symbolic scenario,” one expert promises

Russian space agency leader insists international sanctions could fall due to Western sanctions against Russia “Highly indexed display”, FrancesInfo Xavier Pascoe, director of the Strategic Research Foundation, an expert in space affairs, promised Saturday, March 12th. However, the station’s plan, “It has always been said to be the largest international cooperation in the world, and it is somewhat confusing. “

According to the boss of the Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin, the operation of Russian ships supplying the ISS will be disrupted by international sanctions imposed by the West since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Thus the station will be in danger. In a theoretical fact statement, Xavier Pascoe explains: “The ISS loses some ten meters in height every day, so it must be constantly elevated. This is done using Russian advance ships, which are connected to the Russian block of the station.” “In all cases, He continues, If we stop this aid, it will end up with a space station falling into the atmosphere. “In the end “A few months”.

The expert on space issues, however, invites us to take this announcement “Of the scene”: “You should remember that in early 2014, Dmitry Rokosin mentioned that the Russians would stop taking astronauts to the station. He invited the Americans to use the trampoline.” “At the time, the ship was the only one to send astronauts to the station,” he said. Xavier adds Pascoe. Since then, the Americans have regained their independence and have been able to replace their own astronauts.

“It’s a barrier game. Besides, Rokosin is being targeted by these barriers, which is a significant annoyance.”

Xavier Pascoe

at franceinfo

Russian threats are not in question for now “Technical Cooperation between Agencies”, Says Xavier Pascoe. “NASA personnel in Moscow are still assisting in flight control.” The Department of Space Cooperation is also protected today, the scientist promises, while a team of Russians and Americans is currently in orbit.

However, “Americans are beginning to imagine Plan B scenes” For the distribution of the ISS, Xavier Pascoe explains. “But if the Russians leave, it will take a few years to design a system that will allow the station to be kept in orbit.” Says the director of the Foundation for Strategic Research.