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We will remember them: Download your poppy poster to mark Memorial Day

We will remember them: Download your poppy poster to mark Memorial Day

Sunday Sunday in 2020 was nothing more than the first time in its 100-year history that the public was banned from wearing a graveyard wreath and the Social Royal British Legion parades were canceled due to the Covit-19.

So our sister title Mirror has launched a campaign to ensure that the heroes of our fallen forces are remembered for their sacrifice by people who respect the traditional two-minute silence on the doorsteps of their homes.

Thousands of people in Mercedes and across our country – who normally gather in public places – are now expected to mark this awkward moment as part of the Mirror campaign.

The campaign has the support of three major political leaders, the Royal British Legion and a line of celebrities.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Guided support for the two-minute h.

He said: “Epidemic will not stop us from respecting the sacrifices and heroism of our soldiers, the bravery of the brave and the best in the sense of being British.

“November is usually the day we stand side by side to remember millions of men and women from all over Britain and the Commonwealth who fought for our freedoms in the first year’s war, from the mud ditches of the Western Front to the arms factories.

“Unfortunately, this year, I have to ask the public not to attend the ceremony at the cemetery to keep the soldiers safe and reduce the spread of the virus.

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“That’s why I support the Mirror’s campaign – let’s unite in unity on the doorsteps across the country this Memorial Sunday.”

Labor Chairman Sir Khair Stormer Came behind our campaign.

He said: “We can still respect our heroes.”

Only a small number of veterans, royal family members and political leaders can attend the cemetery service.

“Sunday is an opportunity for us as a nation to stand together to remember millions of people in the United Kingdom and around the world.

“In normal times, we pay homage to our Armed Forces at cemeteries or at events organized by the Royal British Brigade.

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“We can’t do it this year – we can’t stand together this year.

“But as The Mirror said, we can pay our respects by marching on our doorstep at 11 a.m. on Sunday to mark the two-minute hiatus. We can still remember those who made the final sacrifice and those we will never forget.”

Lip Dem leader Sir Ed Davey said: “The Mirror campaign, which encourages all of us to stand on our doorstep, is a great way to thank soldiers, members of our armed forces and their families for the sacrifices they have made.”

The campaign is backed by the Royal British Legion, which has traditionally organized memorial services across the UK. Director General Charles Byrne said: “We have not been able to stand by this year as we pay homage to those who served on our behalf, but we can all still play a role in ensuring the unique contributions of our Armed Forces.

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“On Sundays we join the Daily Mirror’s call for people to come together in a new way and stand in silence in front of their house or window, paying tribute to those who have given so much.”

According to government guidelines, the UK’s three-tier alarm system provides an exemption for recalling Sunday events, but limits social distance recalls.

Falklands hero Simon Weston supported The Mirror’s call to keep silence at the door for two minutes at the memorial on Sunday.

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Simon, 59, said the ship Sir Galahat was badly burned when it was bombed by Argentine jets in 1982, saying it could “unite” the country.

Simon said: “It’s a wonderful idea when we can not hold rallies. We can not thank The Mirror enough. It may show that everyone is united …”

Veterans and forces girlfriend Katherine Jenkins, the family of the late Dame Vera Lynn, champion boxer Frank Bruno and Strictly Chief Justice Shirley Ballas also support the campaign.

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Mirror editor Alison Phillips said: ‘We know how important Sunday’s remembrance is to many across our country. This is a way we can never forget the sacrifices of those who went before us.

“But we also know that many services and parades will be canceled this year, and people will be worried about leaving their homes in bustling public places.

“That’s why it’s a wonderful way for people to pay tribute and remember our fallen heroes in a safe way.”