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Way to the new ambassador

Way to the new ambassador

If you want to step back on WhatsApp, you need a strategy. It seems harder than that. The thing is done in two or three steps: find a Messenger alternative, save WhatsApp chats if needed, and then delete the account. Let’s go:

Find alternatives: Messenger apps that can activate a candle on WhatsApp, but can you avoid collecting chat metadata or handle it in a privacy-oriented manner? Yes there is.

The consumer portal “” recommends signal, trima or wire. All three are open source, securely encrypted from end to end, and are available for Android, iOS and desktop applications. If in doubt, several messengers can be tested or used in parallel.

Safe Content: When you ship WhatsApp, you usually want to keep your messages and media (photos, videos and voice messages). No problem. You open the individual or group chat you want to save, tap the three-point menu (Android) or Settings (iOS) in the top right corner, select “More / Export chat” and in the next window determine the media to be saved.

Choose whether the text document containing the news and media files should be stored on the device or in online memory. According to WhatsApp, since a maximum of 10,000 recent messages are stored this way, you need to repeat the entire procedure for the respective chat and determine if any media should be saved. This way you will get a second text document with 40,000 messages.

The next step is to enter your own mobile phone number in international format (with +49 and without the first zero of the area code) in the appropriate field. This is done by finally tapping the red button “Delete my account” and then removing the app from the smartphone as well.