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Reading PlayStation 5 Ultra HD4K Blu-ray Movie Discs?

Reading PlayStation 5 Ultra HD4K Blu-ray Movie Discs?

Gaming Hardware PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | With the advent of the new generation of consoles that see the battlefield of the S, Own 4K resolutions After trying it out with the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, it seems to have finally become the standard for most high-end products.

However, on the one hand the possibility of recreating video games with extreme HD resolutions and ever better definition was immediately at the center of Sony’s communications for its promotion PlayStation 5, This does not happen in relation to the possibilities of playing Blu-ray Discs in 4K, a feature requested by many users – especially cinema lovers – thus creating a confusion among the general public.

So, let’s clarify immediately The PS5 Ultra HD allows you to read and play Blu-ray Discs, This is the first time in the history of Japanese giant consoles that the only ones with Blu-ray support in the past were those with full HD 1080p resolution. Of course, Blu-ray Disc playback support is not available for all versions of the PlayStation 5, but only for the standard version, which includes an optical disk player: Blu-ray Discs cannot be read and played by the digital version, Because it is not a trivial necessary reader.

Those who want to watch Blu-ray Ultra HD movies through their PlayStation 5 can do so without losing the quality of the film, if they can recover a console: Sony has been predicting a PS5 stock deficit for several months.