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Wafa de Girillo to Conte and Castellino: "Former Prime Minister? Good man, but we do not know him ..."

Wafa de Girillo to Conte and Castellino: “Former Prime Minister? Good man, but we do not know him …”

Everything is fine, Madame The Marquis. Pepe Grillo He struggles to support the unsustainable, but it is very clear Movement The earthquake is happening. He was suddenly one Roma, With a few hours’ notice, the next day of the visit each helper must put on his hat Conte In the Senate. He also took him with him and met the MPs Luigi de Mio e Witto Grimm, But he is not the people’s lawyer, he is being kept at a safe distance from Blitz.

True, there was a phone call, but people were dictating his conditions better than giving the lawyer space. The founder actually softened the rigidity and accepted the terms of something new Movement: The Confirms It retains its own identity and strength and can change the political leader without even voting during the race. Tribal hierarchy, rather than direct democracy, so to speak, but they like it. Intolerance is poorly concealed. Batting Reviewing troops a Montecitorio, He looks at them face to face and wants to offer the body of the head, an initial ritual that goes into an initial look, a selfie, individual and collectively carried out and a memory of the final path. A show, in its own way. But also his own number, which ends in a rage.

In fact Batting At one point he blunts: Rogo Casalino “He’s very good at TV, but he has to deal not only with the political leader, but also with the guarantor.” Casalino is his work, and everyone remembers it. He was the one who selected and advertised it, who liked it on the heels of the unknown Conte. He never predicted – to quote a great movie – the effects of love: the feeling in between Casalino e Conte He put Grillo in the corner and kicked him out. Here is Pepe’s explosion, standing in the center of a crowded classroom of groups yesterday a Montecitorio: Cont I said to Conde: Take our law. But he wanted to do something else. It came with a thirty page subject: draft. Except for compliant tones and “three-quarters of the contract made, three-quarters of the written law.”

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Here we are in the high seas, in fact: in the tsunami. And is almost wiped out by the wind Batting The one who shakes the text of the new law in front of the delegates and tries to make fun of it: the I fix it with the red pen, he comes back with another color. I found something different than I expected. Ours Movement There is democratic participation, – “Advice on the Web” – மா Conte As a lawyer he changed it and created a completely different law. I was right there, I needed time. I am the guarantor, I am the preserver of our history. He pointed to the function of the guarantor “, he stressed,” Conde is not a visionary, but he is a great man “.

From the time of the gypsy “Progressive Champion “ Something has changed for the good man. Surely. The motives of the former prime minister are clear, the plan to give life to a new political institution – not far from the center of interest, the liberal in economics and moderate in political position – is now confusing even his own, not to mention B.D. The Tem sub we meet, the name is unknown, makes the party register According to He will no longer trust Conte. Me sorry, someone who has been on TV ever since I count Al Number II He did not change a word, what guarantee can he give? He does the transformation business, goes to the windy place and he makes it clear that it will suit him. It cannot be the cornerstone of a strategic alliance. Nevertheless, with the aim of marking the scales, one must put them back on track D.C. At sixteen. Advice to fill the void left by the Catholic Center will come from those who do all they can to weave their new network into the shelter of the Roman political base.

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De Mio e I They are on the field and playing on the shore. They calm the spirits Batting, With mixed luck, and charge insurance: The former prime minister should now be given a chance. “I don’t want to weaken it, I want to strengthen it,” he assured them Confirms. Further strengthening it is to facilitate its mounting (“now his time”) without pulling the plug in the future. In fact, this decision is in the style of a comedian: «I guarantee, I am not an idiot. There is Conte I need him, I am not him. Now? One by one, the ball in the center. Moving back to next week until Conte; He, too, would do so as a montessori, meeting all representatives in small groups and “communicating with everyone.” Tired enough to stop, The New movement Presented yesterday Roma Instead a dream comedy was staged for being separated at home.

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