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Voices from Rome

Voices from Rome

Expeditions: ROM developers Logic Artists collaborate with PitStop Productions to create soundtracks for their game.

Dev Diary 11 – Voice overs by logic artists confirm two voices:

  • Lucius Licinius Lucullus – James Gillies
  • Julia Galida – Rosie Jones

There are a total of 270 unique characters, including two main characters. According to the developer diary, all the lines in the game are displayed.

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The logical artists confirmed how the voice of the game would speak a Romanian. The game has a script filled with Roman words, and an Italian teacher has recorded an pronunciation guide with his son. In addition to the classical accent, it also provided a church accent.

It’s a big step up from the Expeditions: The Vikings, with some lines of warlike voices and very few dialogues. Expeditions: In Rome, logic artists made sure to have their full 300,000-words, which is no small feat.

We will update this guide when new players are revealed.

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