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Video Game Workshop, New Programming Game at Nintendo Switch -

Video Game Workshop, New Programming Game at Nintendo Switch –

Interested in learning how to create your own games? Admit it it will be a lot of fun. Well, it’s coming to fruition soon with the video game workshop on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the Japanese company is about to release a new programming game that will win the hearts of these amateurs! Remember the date, it is June 11th. It is an educational game featuring eight players and is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Chinese.

Interactive lessons to get started

In this section, you will learn step by step how to create a new game in a fun and playful way. You will see, it is easy to follow. With 7 guided lessons, you will discover advanced ideas by starting with the basics and then meeting new notons and improving your skills.

Each lesson lasts forty minutes for the simple and one hour and thirty minutes for the advanced. No time is set and everyone can go at their own pace. Progress will be saved at every step.

Meet the notons

Nodons are unique and original creatures. They all have different personalities and each plays different roles in your game. Like this each character has a node, and you can combine them in different ways to create games. To learn more about them, do not hesitate to check out the notopedia in the game.

Room for your creativity

You are now entering free programming mode, where you can put into practice everything you have learned and create your own games. You are the leader of the video game, you create everything yourself because Nintendo does not provide a starting frame or pre-script taken from its list.

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Start fresh or use one of your creations based on interactive lessons. Add your personal touch using editing tools to combine maps and music in your work. You can combine multiple games together to create something even bigger, the possibilities are endless!

Share your works

Once your game is designed, you can upload it and give the Game ID or your Creator ID and share it with your family or friends. In fact, once you install the game, you will receive a Creator ID to identify yourself, and each of your creations is entitled to Game ID. So, have fun with other people’s creations and get inspired to come up with new ideas! Share and Download Remember that you must be subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online.

In short, through the Game Workshop, adults or children can design their game anywhere (in portable mode, table mode or TV mode).