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Very Mobile

Very mobile to celebrate its first birthday, giving a gift to all its customers –

On Tomorrow, February 24, 2021To celebrate its first anniversary, Veri Mobile will be offering it to all its customers Unlimited giga throughout the day.

Very mobile, operator Semi-virtual And owns the secondary brand of Windtrave Chinese C.K. Holding Hutchinson, In fact, will celebrate his day First year of operation, After its launch on February 24, 2020, will support the immediate birth of the unique WinTray brand.

For the occasion, 24 February 2021, tomorrow from 00:00 to 23:59 on the same day, All the most mobile customers will get unlimited Giga for use all over Italy, so without consuming the data traffic bundle included in the various active offers of the operator.

Some customers have already started Receive related information SMS, Which informs everyone of Unlimited Giga’s Day: “Tomorrow, we browse the web and let you know that you will not be consuming gigabytes of your offer. In fact, on the occasion of Veri’s first year, we offered an unlimited giga day to all customers “.

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Another example of SMS sent by Very Mobile. Communication is really personalized.

While no further details are known about the promotion that will provide unlimited data traffic throughout the day, keep in mind that major brand Windtra has already launched a similar effort several times in some cases. Gigajift; The last day the promotion was launched was Valentine’s Day, in which Windrey apologized to customers The insult happened a few days ago.

Again on the subject of WinTrai, there were days dedicated to unlimited data traffic a A speed cap, Sometimes equal to 5 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload and 10 Mbps in download and upload on the last occasion of Valentine’s Day (or 8 Mbps in download for some customers).

Therefore, it is not excluded that even the most mobile customers will be able to use unlimited traffic with general control over tomorrow’s browsing speed.

However, it should be noted Most mobile offers already have a 30 Mbps speed limit on downloads and uploadsTherefore, the range remains unchanged. However, ModoMobileWeb readers are invited to share their experiences in the comments.

Finally, it should be noted that navigation is unlimited only in the Italian territory, even for Veri Mobile. This means Roaming UE, Most mobile customers will continue to use their offer under the same national conditions and will not be charged extra in the regular data traffic range.

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